The true revolutionaries of our time are those who are discovering the enormous potential that exists in each one of us, as human beings and as unique and differentiated individuals, and all that we can achieve by developing that potential until we reach the highest levels of personal and professional success - and, with it, happiness.

Revolutionaries like Daniel Goleman, as promoter of Emotional Intelligence as a key to personal success, Howard Gardner, as creator of the theory of Multiple Intelligences, Martin Seligman, as creator of Positive Psychology, Claudio Naranjo, for his classification of Enneagram personalities, Richard Bandler and John Grindler, as creators of the PNL - Neurolinguistic Programming, or Tim Gallway, known as the "father" of modern Coaching, are just some examples of professionals who have contributed their discoveries and knowledge to improve our self-knowledge, increasing our levels of well-being emotional and happiness.


Many of these techniques have been successfully adopted in the business world to improve team motivation and leadership skills of managers.


All these techniques and the professionals who created them point to the success that gives us happiness and motivation that opens the doors of success. Therefore, all these revolutionaries and those who disseminate their techniques and knowledge, with the added value of their own experience, are also happy.

Revolutionaries in Spain

In our country, revolutionaries also have their own name and are widely recognized for their work, in the media and in the many corporations and companies that have helped to improve their skills in innovation, motivation and leadership.


They are all revolutionaries of happiness. Some of the best have decided to promote this Happiness Revolution that you can now join, as an individual or as a company, through videos, talks and free knowledge offered on our social networks, or request information about our conferences, courses and workshops.


And, so that this revolution also reaches those who need it most, and so that their smiles are the reflection of their happiness, these revolutionaries offer their services at the best price and the total of the benefits generated through this platform are dedicated to the projects of the Fundación Mujeres Felices.

Happiness Revolutionaries

Rafael Puertas

Promoter of the Happiness Revolution

The promoter of this revolution is also the founder of more than 40 foundations, non-profit organizations and social enterprises around the world, including INWA, Intervida World Alliance and large microcredit organizations, all in a vital experience that led him to realize the goal of a better life for millions of human beings. As well as to face very hard tests, which he managed to turn into opportunities for personal improvement. As he himself recognizes, in extreme situations such as those that he had to live, only self-knowledge, emotional management skills, inner liberation and personal development, allowed him to remain happy above all circumstances.


In his opinion, we should all receive emotional education in school and throughout our lives, for our personal improvement in the intrapersonal relationship with ourselves, and interpersonal relationships with our partner, family, social or work environment. "It is our responsibility to develop our personal potential, improve our human relationships and build, together, a more just, peaceful and better world for all."


The Revolution of Happiness was born to fulfill these objectives.

Revolutionaries in business

Motivation and work climate influence our physical and emotional health and the productivity of the company.


These revolutionaries know the keys to achieve better and more efficient companies and organizations.

Andre Baken

Change Management & Digital challenge

Pioneer of Change Management in our country, this Dutch resident in Spain, has always been at the forefront of innovation in Business Communication, Leadership and Teambuilding. With more than 100 projects worldwide, working with management teams of large corporations in different countries, accumulates a long experience, focusing the key to success in the management of emotions for leadership and team spirit in the company.

Manu Romero 

The happiness strategy

The figure of the Chief Happiness Officer has been a social phenomenon in Anglo-Saxon countries for some years, and an innovation in HR in full expansion in our country, with Manu Romero as a revolutionary and pioneer of this initiative. Happiness management aims to attract and retain talent, through strategies that improve motivation and team involvement.

Peter Van Dommele

Leadership and teambuilding with horses

A transformative experience and a powerful technique to inspire and motivate team members. Peter Van Dommele, businessman and sociologist, teaches us, through the relationship we establish with horses and thanks to the amazing ability of horses to "read" us and act accordingly, everything we can learn from ourselves and for the improvement of our abilities and teamwork.

Carlos Pauner

Leadership and teambuilding

Carlos Pauner is the fourth Spanish mountaineer to crown all 14 eight-thousanders on Earth. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Master in Environmental Management, pilot and entrepreneur.


His leadership experience in large expeditions to the highest peaks on Earth allow him to teach courses to management teams that include training activities, trekking and flying over some of the most breathtaking alpine landscapes in Spain and in the world.

Silvia Álava


A Doctor in Clinical Psychology and Health, this revolutionary studies and disseminates knowledge about human nature, and has developed her work as a university professor, writer, consultant and trainer in companies. As a regular contributor to the media, her extensive dissemination work has been recognized with the Communication Prize of the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid.

Personal happiness revolutionaries

To advance our own journey through life, developing all our potential for personal power and happiness, we sometimes need maps or guides to help us find the answers we need. This is what revolutionary professionals can offer us for our personal happiness.

Emma Jiménez 

Sibyl and ILE - Interior Liberation Experience

Trained in transpersonal psychology and holistic therapies, the passion of this revolutionary spirit to explore the depths of human nature and the highest levels of our Consciousness allowed her to develop her own diagnostic system, Sibyl and Essences of Light, over the course of more than twenty years of professional practice, as well as the improvement of the ILE - Internal Liberation Experience method as a way of access to the unconscious and facilitator of the therapeutic work. Founder of Mujeres Felices Foundation in Spain and BIBIR Africa in Burkina Faso.

Rosa Rubio

The genetics of success

The revolutionary journey of this graduate in pharmacy and Chinese medicine began after her studies and her research on repeated patterns of behavior and experiences of situations chosen from our unconscious and related to our family tree. Becoming aware of the information and beliefs present in our unconscious and their influence on our lives allows us to overcome our limitations and develop our potential for success and happiness to the fullest.

Viviane Gamerro 

Analytic psychology and Mindfulness

This revolutionary psychologist and coach had her turning point after leaving behind ten years of professional executive experience in the pharmaceutical sector. The trigger was an acoustic trauma that affected her physical and emotional health, which turned into an opportunity to investigate with the most advanced techniques in psychology, coaching and mindfulness, applied to individual and company therapy, thus placing herself at the forefront of current knowledge in psychology.

Mireia Muñoz

Clinical psychology and emotional intelligence

This revolutionary has a compelling passion for her profession, which she exercises from an integrative psycho-corporeal-emotional vision, which includes the mind, emotions, and the body, with the aim of resolving conflicts and allowing greater emotional wellbeing and happiness. She collaborates with different media and provides psychological support to women in different personal circumstances at Mujeres Felices Foundation.

Revolutionaries for youth

Adolescence and youth are stages of enormous opportunity for our lives, marked by change and personal improvement.


The revolutionaries of our time, with their own knowledge and experience, help our young people to recognize and develop their full potential.

Juan Planes

Talent development and happiness

President-Founder of the Association of Volunteers to Unleash Your Potential, this multi-entrepreneur has spent more than 20 years bringing the message of realistic optimism to universities, colleges and institutes. His aim is for people unleash their full potential and, above all, that they learn to be happier. Unleash Your Potential considers that positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and high performance techniques are the ideal pillars to settle our wellbeing, and its volunteers train more than 4,000 young people in 60 schools each year, in addition to organizing conferences, workshops and seminars for young people of all ages.

Revolutionaries in the education system

Introducing eñotional education in the educational system is one of the major challenes we face. Go Revolution - The Happiness Revolution has promoted a social movement of international reach to integrate emotional education in schools y en el grado de Magisterio. 


En el mundo universitario, también hay revolucionarios que abanderan esta causa, transmitiendo a los estudiantes conocimientos y herramientas de gestión emocional que podrán utilizar en su vida profesional y para su felicidad personal.

Rafael Guerrero

Clinical psychology and PhD in Education

As a professor at the School of Education of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, this psychologist and doctor of Education is one of the pioneers in incorporating eñotional education in the university education system in Spain, as well as in the formation of professors and parents in numerous high schools and educational centers. He is also a writer, lecturer and contributor to the newspaper El País, not to mention his role as an expert in emotional management, teambuilding and leadership for companies

Revolutionaries in media

Los medios de comunicación y las redes sociales son los canales que utilizan algunos revolucionarios de la felicidad para transmitirnos sus mensajes y su conocimiento.

Ruth Jiménez

TV presenter and coach

This popular TV presenter is also a Coach and happiness revolutionary in her personal and professional life. She presents TV programs on topics of great human interest, as well as events and galas specially dedicated to the development of our human potential. She is also the author, along with her current partner, Santiago Tejedor, of the book "Volver a Empezar" in which she address the spirit with which we can face this challenge in our lives.

Jordi Planes

TV presenter and coach

This revolutionary presents "Desde los ojos de un Coach" (Through the eyes of a coach), the ETV program in which he uses his own knowledge of coaching in live interviews. Nine books about emotional wellbeing and a long experience as a coach and in mindfulness accredit his career as a researcher in the world of emotions and inner peace.

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