Every revolution implies a change of vision or perspective that drives a change of strategy direction for greater success and progress at the individual and collective level.

The so-called Copernican revolution, by which Galileo and Copernicus showed the world that the Earth did not occupy the center of the Universe, but rather revolved around the Sun, was the beginning of the scientific revolution that gave birth to the technological society we live in today.

If you want different results,

do not do the same things.


Albert Einstein



If our nature were only physical and our success only material, there would be no depression, anxiety, eating disorders or suicide among physically healthy people with high purchasing power. However, we know that this is not the case.


As we also know that business success depends more on marketing strategies that allows one to connect with the needs and emotions of one's potential consumers than on the products or services themselves.


Even professional success depends more on our emotional intelligence and ability to relate to others than our intellectual quotient.


And so, happiness depends more on our intelligence and emotional management capabilities than on the material achievements we can achieve.


But we continue to act as if this were not the case, turning it all around the external and material world, from a limited and self-destructive view of ourselves and the world in which we live.


A limiting and impoverishing vision of our existence, which is behind so much useless suffering and social injustice, including the systematic destruction of life on our planet, as well as the unstoppable spread of the epidemics of depression, anxiety, disorders, addictions and suicides that shake our model of society that is economically developed, but humanly underdeveloped.


It is urgent and vital that we react, opening our eyes to the reality of our complete human nature, mission, reason of being and destiny, leaving behind forever the deception of this Matrix in a new and vibrant Happiness Revolution, whose principles we enunciate.

As in the Copernican revolution, the Happiness Revolution is a change of vision or perspective by which we recognize that the Inner Sun of Human Consciousness is the engine of change and evolution in the outer world, instead of the vision that everything that would have everything center on the material, including our own lives.


Our beliefs determine of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions, shaping the reality of our lives and our social environment. Only by expanding our field of vision can we overcome the limiting beliefs that prevent us from further human progress, both collectively and individually.


If we consider our human identity as limited to the physical body and intelligence and the world as something only material, and if we feel disconnected from others, the logical consequence is the individualism and materialism exalted in the Matrix that is our current model of society consumption.

Revolutionary Principles


We recognize ourselves as human beings and identify ourselves with principles that give meaning to our existence and on which we raise our human dignity and happiness.


1 We are human beings, of an emotional, spiritual, ethical, and social nature.


2 Our mission is to develop our own potential, at a human and individual level, and the innate gifts and talents from which we will obtain the fruits of our personal power and happiness.


3 Beyond intelligence, being human makes us the Higher Consciousness, ethical and moral, of Good and Evil, without which we are stripped of humanity.


4 Our Reason for Being is to offer the best of ourselves to the human community of which we are a part. The fruits of our personal power, happiness and capacity to love.


5 The expansion of Consciousness and Life is our destiny, from our contribution to the collective mission of building a model of civilization that is truly human, conscious, just, and better for all. Thus converted into a field of cultivation of the seeds of consciousness that reach us in each new birth.

Ethics and Values

​​of the Happiness Revolution

Only by changing ourselves, being better and happier, will we achieve the change in the world that we so desire.


We are human beings committed to the Values ​​of the Revolution of Happiness: Overcoming, Attitude and Consciousness.

1 Self-improvement

Be yourself. Know how to Live, through self-knowledge, self-esteem and acceptance of who we are, and from the spirit of overcoming that allows us to develop our full potential of personal power and happiness.

2 Positive attitude

Cultivate the Best of Yourself. Realize us. Developing our emotional intelligence to improve our relationships, both interpersonal and intrapersonal, for the external success of achievement and the interior of happiness.

3 Social awareness

Deliver the Best of Yourself. Share, in our circles of intimate, family, work and social relationships, so that we all win. Only then can success be sustainable, complete and true, creating a climate and social environment capable of promoting progress and happiness.

Ethics, Philosophy and Spirituality

on the Third Millennium

Open your eyes, and look around you. Many people are lost in the confusion and emptiness of a life without meaning, in the bosom of a society that defines itself as a consumer society, stripped of humanity, and immersed in the Era of the Void and the liquid society described by the philosophers of our time, such as Gilles Lipovetsky or Zigmunt Bauman.


A time marked by individualism and loneliness, which generates a vacuum that no consumer product can fill. Because we are human beings and, beyond the needs of our physical body, that feeling of inner fullness that we know as happiness can only be achieved in healthy and enriching human relationships - when we establish bonds of respect, recognition and affection with others. In short, when we are able to feel One with our partner, family, friends or colleagues.


So, what is stopping us?

What causes us to feel separated from the others, divided and confronted? What is the cause of the internal and external conflicts that overwhelm us so?


Only the ignorance of ourselves. Of our true nature, of our reason for being, and of the meaning of our lives. We have spent thousands of years exploring the outer and visible world, its laws and geography, but we barely know anything about ourselves and the subtle and invisible universe of our complete nature.


So far, the educational system has not taught us the cognitive and emotional processes involved in the emotions, feelings and moods that determine happiness or misery in our lives.


The revolutionaries of our time are the researchers of human nature, who help us to advance our self-knowledge and to improve our intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships. Allowing us to discover who we are and be happier.


And how do we do it?


By opening our eyes to our complete human, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimension. And teaching us the keys to improving our human relationships at all levels, that is to say, to building our identity in the Us and overcoming our conflicts. A new paradigm of Consciousness that opens the doors to a new Ethics and Spirituality for the Third Millennium.


We develop in the three axes of a full life with which we identify the women and men of the Third Millennium:


Personal growth


Professional development


Social commitment

In the investigation of the Consciousness, we are entering into a territory hitherto unknown, a border that we are crossing between the physical and spiritual reality of the human being, and between the conscious and the unconscious, both collective and individual.


The key to our individual and collective success is the Superior Consciousness of feeling part of something bigger than ourselves, transcending the limitations of the Ego and individuality. In this we could summarize the Ethics and Spirituality of all times, with the aim of encouraging us to be better human beings.


From the change and the inner evolution on which we construct the external reality of our lives, our coexistence and the habitat or human ecosystem in which we live, in our home, neighborhood or work center.


This is the objective and the only possible way to individual and collective success.


And now, the decision is yours. Continue as usual or move forward?

Revolutionary Mission and Vision


To be pioneers in the study and dissemination of current and future knowledge about human Consciousness and nature, for the development of all our potential for power and happiness, individually and collectively.



To disseminate and expand the techniques and methods offered by positive psychology, NLP, Coaching or Mindfulness, among many others, for our emotional well-being and happiness.


To actively promote the incorporation of Emotional Education in the educational plans of primary and secondary education, through the approval of an Emotional Education Law.


To boost the implementation of techniques, policies and strategies aimed at improving motivation, a good working environment, team spirit, and the development of the human potential in companies and of the professionals that make it up.


To promote the widest dissemination in the media and social networks of all issues related to emotional well-being and happiness.


To place happiness on the public agenda as one of the most important indicators of the state and evolution of welfare among citizens.

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