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The Happiness Revolution

Now more than ever, we need a big change. A radical and totally revolutionary change that allows us to enjoy a fuller and happier life.


And you must know that this change has already begun, with Go Revolution, the Revolution of Happiness, with the awakening of interest in happiness and the new knowledge that positive psychology and emotional education provide us. And what we have discovered is that we have the power to improve and change our lives.


Together, we can even change the world. But first, we must change and improve ourselves and our lives, at the individual level. Being better and happier, and making others happy, in the couple and family, as in our work and social environment.


If you want, we can help you get it.


Will you join the revolution?

Time for yourself

Surely you spend a lot of time performing multiple tasks and doing things for many other people. But how much time do you reserve for yourself?

TFY -Time for yourself


Ten minutes each day dedicated to knowing yourself better and increasing your self-esteem can change your life.


You just need to use that time to see what we publish for you every day on Go Revolution's Facebook page.


1' videos to broaden your vision about the emotional and mental processes involved in our happiness.


Webinars for your self-improvement and happiness, taught by the best experts in each subject.


Posts and videos on key issues for your emotional well-being.


Self-knowledge tests.


Proposals and practical advice for improving your life, day by day.

Emotional Education is the missing subject in our society and educational system.


Because of that ignorance, we have let ourselves be carried away by emotions that we could not control, or lived through conflicts that we could have avoided.


Now, since The Happiness Revolution, we offer you the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and emotional tools you need for a fuller and happier life.


Are you willing to spend 10 minutes a day on yourself?

4 Steps

to be Happier

Although we are all different, happiness is a virtue and a human ability available to all; it depends only on us. From our ability to navigate the inner world of our emotions and feelings, channeling those forces towards the realization of our full potential of personal power and happiness.


The teachings of what psychology, science and the brightest minds have discovered for you about happiness, are condensed in the following 4 steps:







Do you want to be happier?

1 Centering

Know yourself. This is the key to your power and to make any change in your life a reality.


In Centering stage of the Happiness Revolution, you will receive knowledge and we will provide you with techniques and tools to learn to know yourself, accept yourself, and love yourself, improving your self-esteem and self-confidence.


Do you think you know yourself?

2 Liberation

Our emotional shortcomings and the hurts of the past, such as limiting beliefs, fears, blockages, and unresolved internal conflicts, are burdens from which we must free ourselves to be able to advance in the path of Happiness Revolution.


There are techniques such as EMDR - Eyes Movement Desensibilization and Reprocessing, ILE - Internal Liberation Experience, or PSYCH-K, which allow us to free ourselves from limiting beliefs, blocks, traumas and internal conflicts.


Would you like to try them?

3 Relationships

Our emotional needs are nourished by our relationship with others. Whether our relationships are positive and enriching or negative and destructive depends to a great extent on our happiness.


Improving our abilities for interpersonal relationships is vital to our personal success and happiness. Developing our emotional intelligence, knowing other personality profiles, transactional analysis, and role-playing or non-verbal language, can help us to feel understood in love or gain the affection and recognition of others in the game of life.


Do you want to know how to achieve it?

4 Triumph

To be true and lasting, triumph must be sustainable. And it cannot be when there are winners at the expense of losers; it will only be sustainable when we all have something to gain. It is well-known that the win-win formula is the key to success in any company or human community.


Therefore, the key to success and happiness lies in sharing what we have, what we know, and what we feel with others.


Do you want to know more about the true meaning of the word Triumph?

Emotional education starting in school

We promote the incorporation of emotional education in the study plans of primary and secondary education so that children of today and tomorrow have access to knowledge of emotional education from school.


The Bill of Education on Emotional Education was initiated in Argentina, where it has already been approved by the Parliaments of the Provinces of Corrientes and Misiones, extending later to other Spanish-American countries such as Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico, Honduras, Paraguay or Colombia, and now also in Spain. Other countries, such as India, have passed laws to incorporate classes of emotional wellbeing for children, after noting that 1 in 4 suffered from depression or stress.

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