Mujeres Felices Foundation

Being happy also means spreading happiness to those who need it most.


The economic benefits generated by the Happiness Revolution's paid services offered to companies and individuals are donated to the Fundación Mujeres Felices.


Thanks to those who support the Happiness Revolution, and in collaboration with foundations oriented to different social purposes...

We Make Happy

We Make Happy

For girls and women that are victims of FGM - female genital mutilation

Through the NGO Bibir Africa we carry out prevention campaigns to save thousands of girls from ablation. We also offer reparative surgery to victims with serious aftermath from FGM.


There have been over 200 surgeries performed and thousands of girls saved from FGM.

For economically vulnerable families


Through The Good Truck project, we facilitate labor insertion and income generation for one of the most vulnerable groups, women in social exclusion with minor children under their care. The objective of the project is to provide them with a small food truck and the necessary training to obtain income for them and their families, in collaboration with the social services of the Town Councils.

For children throughout the world


Promoting the Law of Emotional Education for the incorporation of their education to children and adolescents in different countries, and supporting the teaching community in each of the countries.


The emotional health of the population in these countries and throughout the world will depend, to a large extent, on learning the knowledge and techniques of Emotional Education. With the aim of reducing the alarming levels of depression, anxiety, psychological disorders, addictions and suicides in our society, and allowing us to enjoy a fuller and happier life.

For the youth of Spain


Unleash Your Potential offers free courses and seminars on Emotional Education to provide youth with knowledge and techniques that allow them to improve their emotional skills and be happier. Experiences and transformative experiences that help them to discover themselves and prepare themselves better for the challenges of their personal and professional life.


Over 4000 young people trained every year.

For young mothers at risk of social exclusion

We organize a Solidary Showroom with garments, shoes, accessories and cosmetics donated by socially committed fashion brands, and that we give to young mothers in social exclusion for free, in collaboration with the Maternity Project, contributing to improving their self-esteem and image for job interviews.

For patients in hospitals


We organize micro-concerts in hospitals and social-health centers throughout Spain, giving away moments of happiness and well-being to patients, companions and staff of the centers.


Being ill and hospitalized is usually a time of enormous vulnerability and emotional need for patients, and so micro-concerts are a coadjutant treatment for their emotional wellbeing.


Over 3000 micro-concerts in 2017.

For exceptional women and men

Unique human beings whose lives are examples for all of personal improvement and social conscience, which we convened in the Forum of Women of the Third Millennium.


An event with a high media and social impact due to the participation of outstanding figures at national and international level.

Y recibirás, GRATIS, un método exclusivo para ayudarte a salir de la zona de confort y alcanzar tus sueños.

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